Contributing to Iron

Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

This file summarizes the good practices to contribute to Iron whether you want to raise an issue or create a pull request.


Before raising a new issue, please check if no similar issue or PR already exists.

Raise an issue to report a bug or to request a new feature. When creating a new issue, you can choose between two templates:

Pull requests

When contributing to Iron's code, please respect the following rules:

  • Respect the Scala conventions.
  • Cleanup your code and avoid beginner issues (static abuse, etc...).
  • Make sure your changes pass the CI.
  • Document new code.
  • Try to follow Iron's coding style. If you aren't sure about a part of your code, feel free to ask or mention it in your PR.
  • If you PR solves an issue or a implement a feature request, quote it using the Closes #XX keyword.
  • Feel free to tell about your concerns when making a PR (e.g "I am not sure if the following issue should be addressed this way etc...")