Getting Started


Include Iron in your project using your preferred build tool.


libraryDependencies += "io.github.iltotore" %% "iron" % "version"



Common imports

The following import is often used:

import io.github.iltotore.iron.*

This import contains bases to make Iron work including:

  • Implicit conversion from raw type to its refined form (aka auto refinement)
  • Utility methods refine, refineEither and refineOption
  • Common constraints from package io.github.iltotore.iron.constraint.any

Constraint imports

Standard constraints are split in different objects stored in the package io.github.iltotore.iron.constraint.

For example, you can import standard number-related constraints using:

import io.github.iltotore.iron.constraint.numeric.*

When having multiple imports from Iron, this style is often preferred in Iron codebase or documentation:

import io.github.iltotore.iron.*
import io.github.iltotore.iron.constraint.all.*

Next steps

You can find the list of all standard constraints in the constraint package summary.

Now that you know how to import Iron in your project, you should check the references: